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MDF Member Karen from Beartrap Antiques Goes to Toy Fair 2002

Pictured above is Karen from BearTrap Antiques

Pictured in above two pics is Marie Osmond at Toy Fair

Pictured above is Wedding Belle and Groom

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Many thanks to Karen for sharing her story below from Toy Fair and all these great pics. You can find the link to her website in our Links section of our site.

Here is her inside scoop on Toy Fair:

Day one:

Arrived in JFK at 4:00pm we get through security and head to claim our luggage. Well I am waiting for our baggage and happen to look over my shoulder. There was Marie & Brian!!! So that was great. After a 2 hour shuttle ride to go to the hotel ( he had many stops to make) we arrive at the hotel. It was beautiful. I loved it. We checked in the bell boy took our luggage to the room and down to the lobby I went. My rep was on her way from the airport. Well we were down there about 5 minutes and a cab pulls up and it was Kristy. We have been e-mailing for 2 years and never actually meet. So after many hugs we decided to hit the town for dinner. We walked about 6 blocks and just down from Times Square we found a wonderful BBQ place. So neat. The way it was set up was wonderful. We talked and ate and had a great time. She got to meet my mom and we had a great time. We decided to walk a little then go back to the hotel . Sunday was opening day of toy fair. So we went back and went to bed.

Day Two:

Woke up and started primping! lol Got dressed did our hair makeup and down to the lobby for some coffee. The hotel got us a cab and off to Javis center we went. Got there and had to pick up our badge's for toy fair. Get them and head up to the Marian booth. The dolls were gorgeous. So many dozens of roses in a huge vase were behind the rose series. Lizzy was adorable and tea for two took the show! I loved her. All of them were beautiful. My rep and I had a meeting to place our order. So 2 hours later people were coming up actually treating us like celebrities. Wanting to shake my hand and congratulate me on all the sales. I was talking to this one man and he was very interested in what I had to say. Then after 20 minutes of talking to him my rep comes up and says oh Karen I see you have met David the company president!!!! I had no idea. He was soo sweet and always made a point to come and talk to us when we where around there. After that we left the toy fair to go and sight see. My mom and I went out caught a cab and headed to 5th Ave.!!! We stopped at Saks first. It was beautiful. Then we walked to Rockafeller Center watched all the kids out there ice skating. Went to see NBC, Radio City , and Where David Letterman's show is. I was still in my suit and people were coming up and asking who I was. It was sooo funny. My mom said well she is Karen @ Bear trap. Like they would know me ! LOL Then we got a cab went back to the hotel and put our bags from shopping. Then walked to times square. We had so much fun. Went to Planet Hollywood. Hard Rock Cafe and then decided to get a bite to eat. we went to Friday's to eat. Then walked around some more. We were not too far from a fire station where our hotel was. So I got brave and decided I wanted a picture. My mom and I walked up and they were just coming off a call. SO me - just walked in and asked if I could take a picture. The guys came running. They said no but we will take a picture of you! lol So I ended up getting a picture of me on a firetruck with these New York fire fighters. My rep laughed so hard and asked " well what would Art - my husband think" ! So now that is the joke around Marian is Karen and her firemen!!! lol we walked all the way down towards the Empire state building. It is beautiful! We didn't do the tour cause we had to get back to get ready for dinner. Marian took us out Sunday night . We get back to the hotel and have about 2 hours to get ready. After we shower and do the make up thing get dressed we went down and Marian was there waiting for us. We went to a Bavarian Steak house . It was gorgeous and the food was PLENTIFUL!! lol. They kept coming and coming with more food. Until you tell them no more. We had so much fun and talked and talked. Laughed they really made us feel welcome. After that it was already 10:30. We were there for 3 hours! Couldn't believe time flew that fast. Well Tracy is my reps boss and she told me to get to toy fair on Monday right at 9:00 am she wanted me to have some one on one time with Marie. So I did. We got there early and Marie was there with Lisa Hatch. My rep introduced us and she was so sweet. She hugged me and was thrilled at the sales we do. She then immediately suggested a Store exclusive doll. She was very excited about it. She said since we are in Montana it would be a Meet Me In Montana Adora Belle. (Since she sang that song) she was so happy to offer this. She also was very persistent about doing a doll signing at our shop.I had a few pictures taken with her and Lisa then . And also with my rep. She was wonderful. And she thought it was amazing how I run this business with 4 kids and am the town post office too!! She laughed and talked then it was time for her to start signing dolls. She signed two for me and one for my mom. She put on mine To Karen: love you lots Toy Fair 2002 Love Marie! Then we walked around some more . Decided t sight see a little more before awards time. We got another cab and went to Macy's. WOW what a huge store! Toured it and bought a few things there too. Then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the banquet. I put on that red suit! lol Do my hair and make up and off we went. Get there and my rep and Marian are closing the booth . Down we go to the convention room. We are all standing a the door and they open them. We walk in and there is Marie , Brian our reps and David. The roses are beautiful and the tables all had black cloths on them. I had taken a small gift bag I made to give to Marie. It contained all Montana products. It had huckleberry chocolates, Huckleberry lotion, jelly beans( huckleberry also) My rep told her I had a gift and she cam over to my table. Sat there with me and opened the gift bag. Now Marie is a woman that can buy anything. So I was a little nervous about it not being enough. She was so surprised and so sincere in her thank you . Then she took out the lotion put some on her hands. And tears swelled up she told me oh this smells so good and it smells like my mom . That was the sweetest thing she could have said. Okay then she gets up hugs me has them take a few pics of us together and off to present the awards. Little did I know the lady that sat down beside me was the reporter for Doll Reader Magazine. She listened to everything Marie said to me and was taking notes. Then Brian called my name to come accept my award and Marie gave me #3 of 5 prototypes hand signed of Margaret. I was thrilled. She had a photographer there to take pics and we had a photo session with my award and her. I was getting nervous. Praying I looked okay! lol. Then after that I walked back to the table. The reporter was really questioning my mom while I was up there. She had a whole page wrote about me by the time I got back there. Then she started asking me question sand telling me how impressed she was. After the awards Marie wanted a group photo will all the retailers that attended this private banquet. We get up there and Marie turns to me and says" oh by the way this lady right here IS THE POSTMASTER OF HER TOWN TOO!!!" She was so funny. Joking around and very down to earth. I had a great time. Then we hugged her , Tracy, and my rep Kristy and we all left. We went back to the hotel and as I walk into the lobby there are tons of people from toy fair there that didn't get in to the banquet. As we walk through the doors there were people saying that's her !! She's the one!!! She is Karen!!. I am still trying to figure out what they were talking about ! lol They were all over the place this one guy was snapping pictures too! WOW my moment of glory. Maybe they thought I was someone else! Then Day three: Got up went to breakfast hit some gift shops to get the kids some treats and off to the airport we went. After the very very strict security we got through got the bags checked in and could relax. We walked around the airport visited the shops and got some lunch. Then a couple of hours after that it was time to board the plane. That was my trip to New York!!


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