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Expo 2000

Member Char Piner and Friend Rosemary pose with Marie at the Expo.

Marie and Lisa Hatch pose with Collectors

Char Piner poses with Member and Doll Artist Beverly Stoehr at Expo

Member Char Piner Shares Her Story About Expo 2000:

This was my first expo and it won't be my last. It was truly a doll and bear collectors dream, to be surrounded in all kinds of dolls and bears, and the artists who made them all. I was very thrilled when I suddenly seen Lisa Hatch standing at a booth talking to Karen Seamons, the Editor of Dolls Magazine and to my pleasant surprise, Marie!!

My friend, Rosemary, and I went over to the booth where Marie was at and I couldn't resist saying Hello to Marie, and that got her attention. She turned around and talked with us for several minutes and we asked about getting our pic taken with her and Marie was very sweet and said Of Course! I think Marie looked great, happy again which was so nice to see. We chatted a little about the Donny & Marie show and she said Donny is really heartbroken over the show ending. I mentioned that I never got to meet Donny and she said I wasn't missing anything. That's the Marie we all know and Love! LOL Marie was there checking out different doll artists so who knows if she recruited a new artist or not, time will tell. We let her alone after that but did pass her by inside the expo a few times.

Just inside the doors to the expo was a booth on the left for Seymour Mann's dolls and to the right was Richard Simmons. Richard was just like he is on TV. Rosemary got her pic taken with him and he signed her pic, but when he got to mine, he didn't sign it and said he would be back the next day. So I took my pic and my COA's the next day and when I tried to tell him I had a pic of us together already, he insisted in another pic because we were both wearing different outfits. He never signed either of my pics, but he did sign all my COA's, plus took me aside to thank me for buying his dolls and how happy he was that I loved his dolls. He is a sweet man and I do love his dolls too.

Every day that I was there, I made a point in going over to see Beverly Stoehr. I have met her a couple of times before and she is always so sweet and very happy to see her fans. She signed all my coa's plus the ones I brought along that other doll friends sent me that couldn't go to the expo. We talked about what she could tell in upcoming dolls. That's when I heard there will be a Stephen Tiny Tot! Another doll for that ever growing wish list! I wish I had more money with me because Beverly's new vinyl dolls are so adorable!

I also met several of my online friends who have been friends for 3 and 4 years. They were all even more fun in person and we all are even better friends now. It was very hard to say good-bye to them, but I know we will meet again, and the sooner the better. :-)

Many Thanks to Char Piner for Sharing Her Pics and Her Experience!