Meet MarieDollFriends

A note from Vicky D.:

Here are a few pictures of the Illinois get together held on March 20th, 2003. It was a small group, but it was wonderful being with old doll friends and meeting Sandy Perkins our newest member. Thanks to Sharri Wojcik for organizing this event for all of us.

Left to right are Vicky Di Giusto,Patti Bajek, Stacey Atac,Sandy Perkins, Sharri Wojcik

Pictured is Patti Bajek and Baby Annette

Stacey Atac and Patti Bajek with Montana belle

Sandy Perkins our newest member with Little Chub

Sharri Wojcik with All Toiled Up and Little Chub

Stacey Atac with All Toiled Up


Another note From Vicky D.:

Hi Tanya, I got a group of doll friends together on January 16th for a mini reunion at the Fox Valley Mall. We were all like school girls giggling and having fun. What fun we had. Here are some pictures of the event that i would like to share with MDF. Love, Vicky

Left to Right-Sue R.,Patti B,Sharri W,Vicky D,Stacey A Our mini reunion at Fox valley. What fun we had:)

Left to Right-Sue R.,Sharri W.,Patti B