Meet MarieDollFriends

BearTrap Antiques Doll Signing in Montana 11/16/02

Wagon Promoting Doll Signing

Karen from Beartrap with Marie and Karen's family

This is Melodee Easton,Caren Howarth,Vicky D,Karen from Bear Trap and Rhonda T aka "Tig"

Robbin Spegel,Caren H,Lynda Thompson,Carol Sasse and Tig

Left to right:
Rex Easton( Melodee's hubby),Larry D(Vicky D's hubby),Karen,Bob Spegel(Robbin's hubby), and Guy Howarth(Caren's hubby)

Ellen Devoe (Doll Nanny) and Carolyn Cady

Debbie Bullatt and friend Delcy

Caren Howarth & Sandy G

Debbie and Brenda from Helena MT

Back row: Debbie B,Caren H,Carol S,Melodee E Gina C
Front row: LeeAnn O,Patti V ,Tig ,Vicky D, Carolyn Cady,Lynda Thompson,Linda Queen

Robbin S,Sandy G,Ellen D,Vicky D Tig, Debbie B, Melodee E,Caren H,and Linda Queen