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If you are a member of MarieDollFriends and would like to share some of your pics with the dollfriends, please feel free to send us your pics. We look forward to sharing them with everyone!

Member Maria Williams shares a Halloween Moment with us!

Member Marvin Gash shares his doll collection

Member Maylene Terruya shares a pic of daughter Hayley with us

Member Julie Mikula was kind enough to share with us some of her Wedding pictures. Julie displayed "Wedding Belle" as one of her centerpieces on her tables. Wasn't Julie a beautiful bride?

Member Josie shares a pic of her and several MarieDollFriends celebrating the holidays. Included in the picture is Member Josie, Member Natalia K. and Member Vicki. Looks as though all had a great time!

Thanks to Maria, Marvin, Josie, Maylene and Hayley and Julie for sharing these great pics!

Remember, if you have any pics to share, please feel free to send them to us!

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