Meet MarieDollFriends

MarieDollFriends at Warner Bros. Doll Signing October 23rd, 1999, QVC October 24, 1999 and Collector's Day August 7th, 1999!

Marie w/Maria at Warner Bros. Signing.

Marianne, Marie and Maria

MJ, Eileen, Marianne and Maria proudly wear their MDF Tshirts!

Alexis and Lisa Hatch along with Maria and Baby Alexis

Marylou and Maria waiting for the show to start!

Many Thanks To Maria for the pics! Marianne will be adding a few of her own very soon, so check back later.

Member Maria Williams, Laura Walters and Daughter Meghan

Members Karen Dezura, Maria Williams and Laura Walters with their dolls

QVC Host Jill Baeur and Marie Osmond on Stage

Marie talking to audience before show

Marie holding a baby gift that Member Paula Soloman made for New Baby Matthew

Gary from Boyd's Bears enters the stage with a "Bang" as usual.

Thanks to Maria Williams for the pics...More Pics Coming Soon!

Thanks to Anita Moser for the Five Above Pictures from Collector's Day-QVC....

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