Meet MarieDollFriends

MarieDollFriend's Enjoy Getting Together At Our Own Vicky D.'s House

Our very own Vicky D. was gracious enough to invite dollfriends from all around to her home Friday, June 28th, 2002. A good time was had by all and from what I heard, Vicky D. couldn't have been a better hostess. (But, hey, what do you expect from our dear friend? She is the best!)

Group picture at Vicky D's
front row left to Right:
Carolyn Kady,Kathy M. from Bolingbrook,Vicky D, Patty Bajck Naperville Ill, Sharri Wojcik, Debbie Smith aka Annie Back Row, left to right
Rhonda Whittington Michigan, Jhill Bosher-Perran, Diane from Dianes Dolls,Lynda Thompson Ohio, Maria Brady from Saving Grace doll shop, Donna Marohl Ohio,Julie Kern aka Jewels Michigan,Pat Raub Michigan,Robbin Spegel Michigan, Stacey "Miller" Atac Aka Stitchin Stacey Mary Rubin St Louis Mo. Kathy Anglin aka Truck Driving lady, Sherry Evans Ohio Not pictured Stacey McEver

Pictured above is Lynda Thompson and Robbin Spegel

Pictured above is: Robbin, Stacey and Jhilly Bean

Pictured are: Linda Thompson, Kathy, Robbin & Jhill

left to right: starting with me Vicky D.,Maria Brady Savinggraces doll shop,Pat Raub, Sherry Evans,Kathy Anglin,Jewels,Debbie Smith aka Annie

Pat Raub aka Mustang Sally